Deacon Joe Domond

Five years of intense preparation culminated in the ordination of Joseph M. Domond to the permanent diaconate through the laying-on of hands and the invocation of the Holy Spirit by Archbishop Jose Gomez June 6, 2015 at the Cathedral in Los Angeles. Masses of Thanksgiving were celebrated at OLA June 7, at 9 and 11 a.m. 

Joe joined two of his siblings in serving the Church: his brother is a diocesan priest and his sister a nun. As a young man he dreamed of becoming a priest and attended the minor seminary. His circle of friends has always included many priests and religious, and he is “deeply in love with the Catholic Church.” However, he found his rightful place at the side of his wife, Rita, “a wonderful, faithful, Christian woman who has been the greatest support in my journey.” (Rita passed away in his arms Oct. 17, 2018.)

“We were born materially poor but spiritually rich,” Joe says of this 17 brothers and
sisters in Haiti. “The person I am today is a product of the Church, a Church which helped my father provide a Catholic education at the most prestigious schools in Haiti from primary and secondary through college.”

Joe is proud to be a member of the OLA faith community where he has blossomed as a leader of the JustFaith program and founder of an organization that supports an annual medical mission to Haiti with doctors, dentists, therapists, nurses and others. The Jeff  Cherubin Domond Foundation was founded to honor a son who died tragically in 2004 but inspired an outpouring of goodwill and service to the rural poor in Haiti. The foundation also supports a school in his hometown of Jacmel and provides clean-water equipment.

“I wonder ‘Why me, Lord?’ knowing there are many who are wiser, holier and better educated,” Joe confesses. “Am I ready? No. I feel unworthy, but it’s not about me. I am answering a call to serve, not knowing the where or how. But I do know that the Lord will be there to guide me.

“As members of the Body of Christ, we are all called to serve and receive the Holy Spirit as our Guide,” Joe echoes the Scripture of the season. “After all, He has no hands but ours.”