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Our Capital Campaign

Why a Capital Campaign?

We hope that our capital campaign and renovation will make our church a more welcoming place where people can seek refuge. Sometimes the stress of everyday life makes us forget that God dwells in us, refreshes us, and sustains us. Our sanctuary is a place where we can be still, realize our dignity in Christ, find consolation in our sorrows, and celebrate in joy and thanksgiving. From here, we are sent forth to do God’s work.

I ask Mary to join us in praying for the success of our capital campaign. What we hope for is not extravagant, but an answer to our parish’s needs and a reflection of good stewardship of your sacrificial gifts. I don’t believe it to be a coincidence that Mary has been the patroness of every parish I have served. She is with us now, calling us to bring honor to her Son. Hear her call, and join us in OLA’s 2015 capital campaign: Our Lady, Our Parish, Our Legacy.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Charles Ramirez, Pastor

Our Parish: An Overview

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Parish has been a vibrant and inspirational center for worship, learning, and service to our faith-filled community. For more than 60 years, our parish has been guided by our mission to share the gift of salvation with all by deepening our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

By centering our faith life in the Eucharist, providing for the spiritual growth of all people, offering physical and emotional support to those in need, and celebrating life through the Scriptures, Sacraments, and Fellowship, Our Lady of the Assumption has grown larger and stronger by fostering community and a sense of belonging.

† Welcoming more than 5,500 registered families

† Offering a combined total of nine (9) weekend Masses
in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

† Serving the community through more than 70 ministries
and outreach programs

† Engaging thriving Vietnamese and Spanish-speaking faith communities
of nearly 600 families

† Guiding 300 grade school children through Religious Education

† Instilling strong faith in 500 future parish leaders through a
vibrant youth ministry

† Educating more than 400 Pre-K through 8th grade children

The Campaign for OLA: Our Legacy

While it’s our people that account for the strength of our parish, we recognize that our church’s buildings and campus play a vital role and greatly support our mission and ministry. As our parish has continued to grow, our campus has served us well. However, we continue to face substantial deferred maintenance that now must be tackled more intentionally to meet the needs of our active community.

Our last major construction projects occurred between 50 and 60 years ago. As one parishioner put it, “We need a 50-year remodel.” Renovations to the OLA campus will be made in several phrases by priority: Church, Auditorium, Office Consolidation, Former Rectory Building, Former Convent Building.

Questions? Feel free to speak with our Director of Parish Administration, Neomi Torres, in the parish office at (909) 626-3596 or email her at ntorres@olaclaremont.org.