Ladies of Columbus


Our Objectives 

  • Promote Christian action and patriotism.
  • Cultivate a greater love for our Blessed Mother.
  • Assist the OLA Knights of Columbus with their activities creating a bond of comradeship and shared charity.
  • Give spiritual aid and assistance to members and the world community in illness and bereavement.
  • Engage in charitable actions that benefit deserving charities, as well as Our Lady of the Assumption Parish.


Our Activities 

Our fund-raisers include a Ladies Tea, baking and the selling of fresh baked desserts for the Knights of Columbus Steak Fry and Fish Fry events.  In addition, we serve the community of Our Lady of the Assumption through participation in rosaries, family masses and breakfasts, pre-meeting dinners, doughnut sales, parish picnic, donations to the parish school, donations to the Heights, sponsoring Fiesta booths, as well as monetary support to our priests, seminarians and church staff.  We celebrate our organization with an end of summer picnic, a Christmas party, Supreme Board luncheon and Ladies Only Fun events. 

Meetings and Responsibilities 

Our meetings typically coincide with the Knights of Columbus monthly council meetings.  We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. either at OLA or off site.  Please contact Grand Lady Monica Lee for details on our next meeting. New members may join at any time with the filing of an application, approval by the board and payment of dues.  Our dues are $20 per year payable in January and pro-rated for those who join in mid-year.

Both board and regular meetings are led by the Grand Lady, or in her absence, the Deputy Grand Lady.  Courteous attention to business, without side conversations and following a modified Roberts Rules of Order help our meetings to run smoothly and efficiently, we cooperate in all our activities and assist each other in every way possible. Our congeniality, dependability, good working relationships and creative thinking have helped Our Lady of Foothills Council to grow and develop since its inception in 1996, and we look forward to a future of service to our church and community.

We welcome inquiries and new members.

Please contact Grand Lady Monica Lee (909) 227-6273.