Bereavement Ministry

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."
Bereavement Ministers, representing the OLA community, serve parish families with funeral planning in the event of a loved one's death or the imminent need to plan for a funeral knowing death is near. This ministry also assists individuals who wish to pre-plan their own funeral arrangements. Following a loss of a loved one, they remain available to the grieving for support and prayer.

Pre-planning your own funeral is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your family, relieving them of the burden of making decisions at a most difficult time. Pre-Planning Workshops are offered each year and a Bereavement Minister is available for individual appointments.

If you experience the death of a loved one, please contact the parish office as soon as possible to begin making arrangements. A Bereavement Minister will contact you to answer immediate questions and to set a time to meet with you to address additional concerns and to make selections for the funeral rite. The mortuary of your choice will be in direct contact with OLA to confirm availability according to the desires of the family.

A ministry to support those who mourn

As representatives of the OLA faith community, our Bereavement Ministers provide spiritual, emotional, and practical assistance to grieving individuals and families. Responsibilities include meeting with an individual or group to plan vigil and/or funeral services, and acting as a liaison to the presider, musicians, parish staff, and mortuary staff. Qualities of a good minister include good listening skills, the ability to pray with people and convey sympathy, flexibility in schedule, sensitivity to the particular needs of families, and the ability to maintain confidentiality. Ministers are also expected to attend the required ministry training. For more information, contact Lynne Stella at (909) 985-3765. Bereavement Ministers are also involved in the annual Memorial Mass for the deceased in November.
Music for Funeral Masses
The rite of Christian burial is the final act of love and celebration for the life of the deceased. Music can be a comforting and integral part of planning a funeral Mass. For info on music, please contact  Mary Muñoz, our Music Director @ 909-626-3596 Ext 4263.  Please follow this link to be directed to some suggestions for music that can be used during your loved one's funeral Mass: