Art & Environment

Purpose of Ministry

The purpose of the Art and Environment Ministry is to decorate the church and other selected areas in such a way that the physical environment serves the liturgy.

Ministry Importance to the Life of the Church
The goal of this ministry is to enhance the community’s experience during Mass and during other visits to OLA’s church building through the way the physical environment can express and support the movements of the Church’s year.

Ministry Leaders
This ministry is co-chaired by Bruce and Lisa Lakin. For more information, contact Lisa Lakin by email or call (909) 921-1822 .

Skills, Talents, and Gifts of Team Members
  • Design capabilities to help transform ideas into visualized possibilities.
  • Organizational skills to plan and carry out major liturgical seasonal decorations/changes in the church, set goals for the committee, hold monthly meetings with the Art and Environment Committee to review upcoming plans to decorate the church for special feast days, i.e., Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost,Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, and New Years Day.
  • Sewing skills are helpful to make new wall hangings, and various other items involving cloth.
  • Flower arrangement skills to keep the donated cut flowers and flower arrangements left from funerals and weddings looking fresh and appealing.
  • Gardening skills to keep our live plants healthy, watered, and dusted.
  • Cleaning skills to keep the church looking the best that it can be.
  • Physical strength to carry storage boxes from the projector room, move large plants, set up Christmas trees and the manger scene, and work rope pulleys for the wall hangings.
Time Commitment

The work of this ministry is year-round. The amount of time required to perform the ministry’s work varies by liturgical season.

Qualities of a good team member
  • Dependability in meeting commitments
  • Collaborative spirit and a generous heart
  • Flexible time schedule
For more information, please email Lisa Lakin.

NOTE – In order to assure the safety of all children and to promote a greater sense of awareness: ALL Liturgical Ministers over 18 years of age must attend the Archdiocesan Protecting God's Children class and be fingerprinted prior to serving at Our Lady of the Assumption.