Altar Servers

It is an honor, a privilege and a great responsibility to take part in the Liturgy by assisting the priest at the altar.

"You will be little apostles who obtain the graces of the Lord for so many souls, and prepare for yourselves a great and precious treasure in heaven."

— John Paul II, Message to Altar Servers, 28, Feb. 1987
Requirements to be an Altar Server
  • Servers should be mature enough to understand their responsibilities and carry them out well and with appropriate reverence. They should be Baptized, have already received Holy Communion for the first time, and normally receive the Eucharist whenever they participate in the Liturgy.
  • Servers should be at least 10 years old and in the 5th grade.
  • Servers should be an active member of the parish community and believe in the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.
  • Parental/Guardian approval of participation is required for the Altar Server Ministry.

Altar Server Responsibilities
  • Servers carry the cross, the incense and censer, present the bread, wine and water to the priest during the preparation of the gifts or assist him when he receives the gifts from the people, wash the hands of the priest, and assist the priest celebrant as necessary.
  • Servers respond to the prayers and dialogues of the priest along with the congregation. They also join in singing the hymns and other chants of the liturgy.
For more information, please contact Pinky Reymundo at [email protected].

NOTE – In order to assure the safety of all children and to promote a greater sense of awareness: ALL Liturgical Ministers over 18 years of age must attend the Archdiocesan Protecting God's Children class and be fingerprinted prior to serving at Our Lady of the Assumption.