Liturgical Music at OLA

Find the style of music that speaks to you. Whether you long to raise your voice in praise with traditional hymns or want to clap your hands and be moved by contemporary Catholic Christian worship music we have you covered. Below you will find this month's music ministry calendar.
If you've never been to our parish or are looking for something new this will give you an idea of what to expect musically at each Mass. Be sure to visit our cantor, pianist, and ensemble pages for more information and song clips! 

Updated Mass Schedule





4:30pm Traditional (Cantor and pianist) 



7:00am Traditional (Cantor and pianist) 

9am- Contemporary Ensemble (Leader: Mary Muñoz)

11am- Contemporary Ensemble (Leader: Carrell Jamilano)

1pm- Spanish Adult Ensemble (Leader: Roberto Roman)

3pm- Vietnamese Adult Ensemble (Leader: Tinh Nguyen)

5:30pm- Teen and Young Adult Ensemble