Laudato Si Action Platform

The Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops is joining Pope Francis in the launch of the Laudato Si Action Platform (OSAP) scheduled to kick off on Sunday, Nov. 14. The LSAP consists of seven goals that the holy Father has outlined to help spur a worldwide grassroots effort to mobilize Catholics to take action on the environment over seven years.

Read the Bishops' statement God Calls Us All to Care for our Common Home.

This year the global Catholic community is celebrating the sixth anniversary of Pope Francis’  landmark encyclical letter,  "Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home (2015)." Laudato Si’ offers a vision for building a more just and sustainable world. The lessons of the encyclical can provide a path forward as societies emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, which has brought many parts of the world to a halt. Catholic Climate Covenant and its national Catholic partners invite everyone to participate in this global initiative and use the teachings of Laudato Si’ to guide our actions as we struggle, grow, and transform through this crisis together. Here are some ways you can participate:


  • Visit the website of Catholic Climate Covenant for a comprehensive look at how Catholics are engaging in efforts to combat climate change.

  • “California Laudato Si” started as a continuing dialogue of California representatives to Catholic Climate Covenant's inaugural national Laudato Si conference in 2019.  Through regular emails, events and resources are shared from around the state.  A monthly Zoom conversation furthers the commitment to the message and movement of Laudato Si, with guest speakers that have included the editor of National Catholic Reporter's Earth Beat, the founder of Green Driving America, and a representative of the Environmental Protection Agency sharing grant opportunities and educational resources.  To join the conversation and support the message of Laudato Si as the global Church engages in implementation of the Laudato Si Action Platform, please email: [email protected]