JustAct Ministries

PARABLES OF JESUS is the topic for the next two study modules from JustAct Ministries at OLA. The study is a reflection on how these stories define us as Christians and give us a "roadmap" to living our lives and building the Kingdom of God. The first online session begins in April, the second is planned in the summer. The format is small discussion groups on Zoom (until in-person meetings are possible).

Other Programs through JustAct Ministries

What does the Lord require of you but to act justly,
love tenderly, and walk humbly with your God?

For general information, contact Mark Longanecker by email. 


Just Act ministry of OLA offers three additional options at various times to move disciples of Jesus from faith into action through education and spiritual formation in the Catholic Social Teaching tradition. These programs are provided through the nationally-renowned JustFaith organization. Deacon Jim Allglaer, Deacon Joe Domond and the growing JustFaith community at OLA invite you into this life-changing experience integrating personal spirituality with social ministry. Journey into the heart of the Gospel and grow in compassion as you encounter the poor and marginalized in our world.



The Good News People program is a dynamic, parish-wide, faith formation program for adults. About 150 OLA parishioners have participated in this small-group process. It offers an introduction to Catholic Social Teaching in a shorter format: 7 weeks in fall and 7 weeks in spring. The goals of Good News People are to...

+ Explore the call to discipleship and the power of community through prayer, reflection, and action;
+ Learn more about the Catholic faith through Scripture, the Catechism, and Church Teaching;
+ Find renewed hope in living the Gospel and putting faith into action;
+ Foster vibrant parish communities alive with the spirit and the mission of Christ.

Good News People includes...
Opening and closing retreats – held at OLA;
14 Sessions – 7 in fall and 7 in spring;
Face-to-face interaction with local ministries/agencies.



JustFaith is an extended justice education process that meets weekly, employing books, videos, guest speakers, discussion, prayer, retreats and hands-on experiences. Participants also discover the joy of becoming community and sharing a journey of faith and compassion that is both life-giving and challenging. This is a 30-week formation process consisting of weekly gatherings of about 2-1/2 hours each in length. There are two retreats - one to open and one to close the program. Also, four Saturdays will be dedicated to group projects.

Participants read and discuss 8-10 books (requiring about 100 pages of reading per week); view and process a dozen videos, all during the group meetings; participate as a group in four projects involving face-to-face contact with people living on the margins of society; form a spiritual community. Visit the JustFaith website at www.justfaith.org.  



Engaging Spirituality is the next step for those who have completed JustFaith. It focuses on the practical challenges of following Jesus into the broken heart of our world, inspired by the urgency and spirit of the Gospel message to our lives, to our relationships, and to our times. Participants practice "the undivided life" of Christian discipleship—engaging in contemplation while immersing ourselves in the heart of our fragmented world. This is a 20-week program.