LITURGY: the work of the people…


Where might YOU fit into Liturgical Ministry at OLA??


At OLA, our liturgies are planned by a team of folks who represent nearly 400 liturgical ministers and each week more than 3,000 of our fellow Catholics join together in our weekend masses.  This doesn’t just happen – it is the work of the people - many people. 

Would YOU consider being one of them?


Below are the leaders of each of the ministries that work together so that we can celebrate as a community.

They would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have.


Altar Servers                            Pinky Reymundo                 (909) 944-4999

Art & Environment                     Amy & Ed Ochoa               (909) 624-6727

EMHC (Minister of Holy Communion)   Mary Kunz                    (909) 626-3596 x4234

Hospitality Minister (Usher)         Larry Pearring                   (909)945-5608

Minister of the Word (Lector)     Nancy Nicholson                 (909) 447-0864

Music Minister                          Mary Muñoz (Robles)           (909) 626-3596 x4263

Pastoral Care Minister               Joyce Sokolowski             (909) 626-5080      

Sight & Sound Minister (A/V)      Mary Muñoz (Robles)         (909) 626-3596 x4263



Deacon Bob Steighner, Director of Liturgy

Desk:  (909) 626-3596    X-4234

Cell:    (909) 896-5285