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OLA Strategic Goals

     Our summary of OLA's recent parish survey will be available soon. In the meantime, please consider joining fellow parishioners at the next session of the strategic planning process Sept. 9, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Hughes Center, 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont. Contact Deacon Jim Allgaier for more information at (909) 626-3596, ext. 4216, or email him.

Our Parish Survey completed July 16 had a total of 1,172 respondents. It measured two primary areasSpiritual Commitment and Member Engagement. How do members of OLA compare to other Catholic parishes, as well as other Christian faiths, in spirituality and engagement? What are our individual and personal spiritual attitudes and behaviors? How strongly do we feel a sense of belonging in our parish?


OLA is blessed by making the top 25% of all faith groups for spirituality. Overall, our members have a wonderful prayer life. But the obstacles noted are limited ways to find encouragement to progress in individual spiritual growth. A real goal for OLA is developing spiritually committed individuals.


Compared with all faith groups (Catholic and other Christian churches), OLA reflects lesser engagement by our parishioners than 75% of all other faiths. Only 32% of our respondents are “actively engaged” in
parish life (more about this later). This may be disappointing, but we have a great opportunity to grow here.
The good news for the parish is that the engagement items are the most actionable. Steps taken to improve on these items will have a positive impact on the spiritual commitment of our community. To drive spiritual commitment and individual spiritual growth, our parish must focus more on engaging our parishioners.
It is belonging (engagement) that leads to believing (commitment).

As the survey indicates, we need to feel a connection with our parish, receiving something of meaning in exchange for our time, talent and financial (treasure) contributions. We need clear expectations to lay the foundation for everything that we, as a community of God, are called to be and do.

There are many more details to dive into about our results. You may  Email Deacon Jim  with your comments, and watch upcoming bulletins for more information.



Here are copies of the original survey

English Survey

Spanish Survey

Vietnamese Survey


Here are the documents and presentations related to the parish survey and strategic planning for parishioners interested in the details, and for those who want to participate in our process of developing new strategic goals (see You Are Invited at the top of the page):

  1. Parish Survey Results (July 2017)
  2. Summary/Explanation presented to OLA leadership (August 2017)
  3. In-Depth Analysis of Survey Results (ME25Report
  4. Presentation to August working session (Survey and Core Values)
  5. SWOT Analysis from July working session


     The OLA Strategic Goals guide our faith community as it grows into the best version of itself in God’s eyes. The Lord’s vision is also our vision as faithful stewards of many gifts, both spiritual and material. We are responsible to each other in a community empowered by love. These goals cannot describe everything we do, but they do help focus our attention on specific, measurable and attainable ways we can extend God’s love to people of all ages, cultures and circumstances.

Much progress has been made in implementing these goals since 2012. These goals are effective until the end of 2017 when a new strategic plan will be created. It is worth noting that Goal No. 1 for improving our facilities is not an end in itself but serves all the other goals in sustaining our ministries and mission at OLA. 


  1. Facilities: OLA will renovate and modernize parish facilities to create a safe and welcoming environment that enables us to fulfill our Parish Mission.
  2. The 13 to 30 age group: OLA will develop an accepting, caring environment that evangelizes teens
    through young adults, and encourages faith in action.
    Faith Formation
  3. Formation: OLA will provide new and enhanced opportunities for faith formation that are relevant and accessible to all age groups and language communities.Leadership
  4. Leadership: OLA will demonstrate shared, transparent and accountable leadership to
    sustain vibrancy in parish life and develop new lay leaders.
    Catholic Social Teaching
  5. Outreach: OLA will increase awareness and understanding of Catholic Social Teaching
    that moves to action at least 300 people from our tri-lingual community.
    Liturgies and Homilies
  6. Worship: OLA will promote inspirational Eucharistic liturgies and homilies that send
    forth the Body of Christ equipped to be holy and effect the transformation of our
    families, our community and society as a whole.
    Invitation and Welcome
  7. Welcome: OLA will expand our invitation and welcome to all by fostering a “sense of
    belonging” and active engagement that invigorates parish life.