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Guidelines for promotion



If you are planning to use the parish communication network, it is important to contact parish staff well in advance. They will be happy to assist you and accommodate your needs in light of the parish calendar, promotional space available, and other considerations that may arise. You are encouraged to make an appointment with Jean McKenna, Communications Coordinator, Ext. 4217, to develop a communications plan and a timeline for the successful promotion of your group and your events.


As you make plans to promote your event or group, please consider the following:


  • Who is your target audience?

Members of a specific ministry or related ministries

A specific age group

The school community

The entire parish community

Other Catholic parishes

The local community and beyond


  • How far in advance does your audience need to know about your event?

Do you have deadlines for reservations or the purchase of tickets?

Are you planning to staff an information table on the patio?

Would you like the information posted in advance on the parish website?


  • What media will be most effective in reaching your target audience?

The OLA parish bulletin or bulletins at other parishes

The Archdiocesan newspaper or email “blasts”

Local newspapers, including ads, calendar listings, or feature stories

Photo displays on the patio, posters, brochures on the Welcome Cart

The parish website and social media, including photos, video, and links


These promotional options may be arranged through Jean McKenna, (909) 626-3596, Ext. 4217

  • Bulletin articles:  Deadline is no later than Sunday preceding the weekend of publication.
  • Posters/flyers posted on the OLA campus: Same deadline as bulletin articles.
  • Flyers or brochures for the information kiosk (TBA)
  • Assistance in communicating to neighboring parishes or local faith communities
  • Assistance in communicating to local media and/or Angelus, etc.


For reservation of a weekend table in the auditorium, contact Katy Salisbury (909) 626-3596, Ext. 4268.

It is recommended that you submit your reservations for a table on the patio along with your facilities requests for the coming year. At other times, the deadline for reserving a table on the patio is no later than Monday prior to the date requested. Verbal or e-mail confirmation by the office manager is required to ensure space authorization. It is strongly recommended that requests for space be made as early as possible. All groups in the auditorium  will be included in announcements at Mass. (Please refer to the separate Guidelines for Parish and Outside Groups.)