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Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women® (FCCW)
Topic for study year is Acts of the Apostles
Email Katie Girardot for more  information.
Do you have a yearning to encounter God through Scripture? If you have a desire to join a women’s Bible study group, now is the time! Stop at the FCCW information table on the patio to learn more about the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women® and its upcoming study year. The Acts of the Apostles will be the biblical focus, illuminated by two study books: The “Acts of the Apostles: Good News for All People” by Fr. William Anderson and “The Apostles and Their Times” by Mike Aquilina.

Whether you participate in the Morning or Evening FCCW Fellowship, through studying the Word of God, small group discussion and faith-sharing, you will grow in understanding and enter the doorway into a closer spiritual relationship with the Lord. Women of all ages will benefit from the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of community offered by either of these focused study programs. If you have been yearning to grow in, and share your faith, this invitation is for you!

At OLA we are blessed with two separate FCCW fellowships that meet using two different schedules. Both the Morning Fellowship and the Evening Fellowship will study the same topic. Regular study sessions will be:
  • Second and fourth Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m.
  • Second and fourth Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
The purpose of the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women is to bring Catholic Christian women together in the Spirit to deepen each one's personal relationship with God. It is our goal to foster fellowship among Catholic Christian women for the purpose of evangelizing women; building a faith community; promoting the development of the spiritual life of every woman; and reaching out as a group in ministry.Together, through study, discussion and faith-sharing, the women of FCCW will gain an understanding of each year's topic. You are invited to join us!

OLA's FCCW began in 2006; it is a part of the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women® (FCCW) ministry that is offered in four western states: the state of Washington, northern and southern California, Arizona, and Texas. FCCW was founded in 1996 in Riverside, California by Patricia Scileppi at St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish. In 2006 the first Spanish-speaking group, FCCM (Fraternidad Catolica Cristiana de Mujeres®) began in Rialto at St. Catherine of Siena Parish. FCCW continues to grow with new fellowships forming under the leadership of Ministry President, Barbara Cheddar. Each parish-based fellowship is led by facilitators that are parishioners of the local parish.

The regional FCCW leadership, in cooperation with parish-based fellowships, sponsors Women's Day events, as well as formation and leadership workshops and women's retreats. For additional information, visit the regional FCCW website at www.fellowshipofcatholicchristianwomen.org