OLA's FCCW began in 2006; it is a part of the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women® (FCCW) ministry that is offered in four western states: the state of Washington, northern and southern California, Arizona, and Texas. FCCW was founded in 1996 in Riverside, California by Patricia Scileppi at St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish. In 2006 the first Spanish-speaking group, FCCM (Fraternidad Catolica Cristiana de Mujeres®) began in Rialto at St. Catherine of Siena Parish. FCCW continues to grow with new fellowships forming under the leadership of Ministry President, Barbara Cheddar. Each parish-based fellowship is led by facilitators that are parishioners of the local parish.

The regional FCCW leadership, in cooperation with parish-based fellowships, sponsors Women's Day events, as well as formation and leadership workshops and women's retreats. For additional information, visit the regional FCCW website at www.fellowshipofcatholicchristianwomen.org

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