75th Yearbook Photos

Formal photo sessions are now completed.

Please submit a family photo of your own to


 Jean McKenna (909) 626-3596

Email: [email protected]



How do I submit a digital photo of our family?

If you cannot make a photo session, you may submit a digital photo file to Jean McKenna at the email listed above. Please include the family name and the names of all persons in the photograph, as well as your contact information.. 


Who should be in the photograph?

Please include your immediate family only, or those living in the same household. Grandparents and adult children should be photographed separately if they live at a different address. Singles, couples and families of all sizes can be accommodated.


How do we dress for the photograph?

We encourage you to send a photograph of your family in dress attire, to match our other photos. 


When will the 75th Jubilee Yearbook be ready?
We expect the printed yearbook will be ready at the end of the year 2022. You will be notified at that time.