Our Parish Leadership

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Pastoral Council (Each Coordinating Council sends two representatives to the P.C.)

Co-Chairs: Annemarie Cortez and Tom McGarry (Community Life)
Jane Siegmund and Jim Stoneman (Administration), Alicia Cerrillos and Mary Vizcaino (Formation), Maggie Grosjean and Wade LaFon (Outreach), Lupe Casillas and Jose Luis Mendez, Sr. (Spanish-Speaking), Mary Lou Brown and Pinky Reymundo (Worship), Phong Ho and Kim Tran (Vietnamese)

Parish Leadership Structure

Our 70 parish ministries and organizations are represented by coordinating councils in six areas of parish life: Worship, Formation, Community Life, Outreach, Administration, and Spanish-Speaking. The coordinating councils meet monthly with staff liaisons on a common Leadership Night and send two representatives apiece to the Pastoral Council. The Vietnamese and Spanish-Speaking communities each send one representative to the Pastoral Council. Ex-officio members of the Pastoral Council include the Pastor, Associate Pastors, the Director of Parish Administration, and the Director of Pastoral Ministries. In this collaborative structure of shared decision-making, council members discern the needs of the parish and guide the community in fulfilling its Parish Mission Statement.


Worship Coordinating Council
A love of liturgy and a commitment to making the worship experience at OLA the best that it can be characterize the individuals who serve on the Worship Council. The Worship Council is charged with fostering the spiritual growth of all parishioners and helping them to understand what it means to be baptized Catholic Christians. It seeks to provide opportunities for personal and communal prayer, in addition to Eucharistic celebrations. Worship Council also coordinates the work of all liturgical ministries and prayer groups. Recent accomplishments of the Worship Council include the theme for our Easter season. For more information about Worship activities, programs, and ministries, click here.

Mary Lou Brown, Pastoral Council Representative
Maggie Felix
Roberta Gorman
Natasha Lim
Matthias McCormack
Terry Moore
Tracy Plourde
Fr. Charles Ramirez, Staff Liaison
Pinky Reymundo, Pastoral Council Representative
Deacon Bob Steighner, Staff Liaison
Micvhael Tran
Linda Young
Nana Spruce

Formation Coordinating Council
Enriching the faith, spirituality, and family life of the parish community through integrated, multi-generational formation programs is the charge of this council. It fosters communication and cooperation among formation ministries that include Religious Education, Adult Formation, Sacramental Preparation, Christian Initiation, and OLA School. Some successful programs under this council include the family-oriented Bethlehem Village and Jerusalem Marketplace, as well as the outstanding series for Living Your Strengths and Spiritual Gifts Workshop. As long-range planners, members of the council are working on summer programs such as Vacation Bible School and a full calendar of fall events. For more information about Formation activities, programs, and ministries, click here.

Margaret Adams
Teresa Arredondo, Staff Liaison
Mayra Brown, Co-Chair
Arline Bustamante
Elena Cardena, Staff Liaison
Alicia Cerrillos, Pastoral Council Representative
Rochelle Estrada
Magdalena Serrato
Kathy Steighner, Staff Liaison
Mary Vizcaino, Pastoral Council Representative
Dennis Weiner
Stacey Weiner, Co-Chair


Community Life Coordinating Council
The goal of the Community Life Coordinating Council is to help build a deeper sense of Christian community for all ages and interest groups in our parish. Wow! That's a tall order, but the energetic members of this council are well-qualified to be liaisons to the numerous and active organizations and ministries in our parish. They foster cooperation and communication among these groups, especially when planning parish social events and multi-cultural celebrations. The scope of this coordinating council includes hospitality and the stewardship of time and talent. Each month, the Community Life Council joins five other coordinating councils on Leadership Night to represent the many voices of the people of the OLA community. For more information about Community LIfe activities, programs, and organizations, click here.

Shanna Aikens
Anna Akinkugbe
Erin Coleman
Cindy Corrales, Staff Liaison
AnneMarie Cortez, Pastoral Council Representative
Gloria DeAnda
Tom McGarry, Pastoral Council Representative
Jean McKenna, Staff Liaison
Lily Medina
Patricia Miller
Mark Patton 
Luke Pulver
Sandra Ramirez, Co-chair
Tom Smith
Ryan Weiner, Co-chair


Outreach Coordinating Council
Compassion for those in need combined with a passion for justice and peace are outstanding qualities of members on this council. Its foundation is the responsibility of every baptized Christian to recognize and serve those in need, to challenge injustice, and to witness to Christ's love in the world through word and action. This council is responsible for assessing and communicating the needs of our parish community - as well as those of the local community and beyond - and evaluating the response to these needs. This includes areas of pastoral care to the sick, homebound, handicapped, bereaved and imprisoned; emergency assistance programs for the poor and homeless; programs that promote respect for life; programs for justice and peace; and evangelization. The Outreach Council also encourages collaboration among parish outreach ministries, as in the parish effort to provide assistance to needy families at Christmastime. For more information about Outreach activities, programs, and ministries, click here.

Monica Awad, Co-chair
Steve Contreras
Deacon Joe Domond, Staff Liaison
Julie Frediani, Co-chair
Maggie Grosjean, Pastoral Council Representative
Wade LaFon, Pastoral Council Representative
Hugh Menton
Christine Shaner
Marita Stoneman
Erica Tapparo
Remi Tremblay
Deacon John Tullius, Staff Liaison


Spanish-Speaking Leadership Council
In the spirit of solidarity, leaders of our Spanish-Speaking Community agreed five years ago to gather with other parish coordinating councils at the monthly Leadership Night. They also meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month. These leaders bear responsibility for discerning the needs of the Spanish-Speaking Community, as well as planning, coordinating and evaluating its programs and events. This includes the full range of parish life - spiritual and liturgical ministries, social and cultural enrichment, educational and sacramental preparation, and outreach services. This summer the Spanish-Speaking Community will welcome the orphans of Salamanca, Mexico, for an encore performance on July 17 as part of an ongoing partnership of friendship and support. For the Spanish bulletin with more information about Spanish activities, programs, and ministries, click here.

Lupe Casillas, Pastoral Council Representative
Mary Chico
Luis Gurrola
Daria Gurrola
Jose Guzman
Maria Guzman
Sandra Leonor, Staff Liaison
Ernesto Marquez
Diana Mehndez
Jose Luis Mendez, Sr, Pastoral Council Representative
Rocio Mendez
Martha Ortega
Jose Luis Ortega
Magaly Rubio, Co-chair
Fr. Chris Troxell, Staff Liaison


The Administration Coordinating Council helps to coordinate and evaluate programs or activities involving the temporal affairs of the parish. Its members represent the Finance Council, and committees for Stewardship, Facilities Master Plan and Safeguard the Children. Other related areas of interest to this council that do not yet have a formal parish committee are facilities maintenance and communications. Members bring to the table an understanding of organization, management, finance, and communications, and are dedicated to the support of parish ministries through responsible stewardship. This council is also charged with encouraging and enhancing intercultural communication and cooperation at OLA. The new parish website was launched with support from this group. For more information about parish organizations connected to the Administration Council, click here.

Connie Aguilar, Co-chair
Joe Alvare
Bernadette Boyle, Staff Liaison
Rob Coleman
Jose Cortez
Jim Ganger
Francisco Hernandez
Richard Hill, Co-chair
Bing Macavinta (Staff Liaison)
Dave Mayo
Jim Niewiarowski
Martin Plourde
Jane Siegmund, Pastoral Council Representative
Jim Stoneman, Pastoral Council Representative
Neomi Torres, Staff Liaison