How to Reach Us

How to Reach Us
Parish Office (909) 626-3596
Fax (909) 624-3680
email Address:
435 Berkeley Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

All members of the parish staff may be contacted by telephone through the parish office:
(909) 626-3596

To request information, complete our General Contact Form

Pastoral Staff
Pastor: Rev. Charles Ramirez
Associate Pastors: Rev. Dominic Bao Tran; Rev. Chris Troxell
Retired Priest: Rev. Msgr. Peter O'Reilly
Deacons: Bob Steighner (x234); John Tullius
Director of Parish Administration: Neomi Torres (x203)
Director of Pastoral Ministries: Mary Jean Neault (x216)
Director of Faith Formation: Elena Cardena (x213)
Christian Initiation (RCIA) Coordinator: Kathy Steighner (x221)
Liturgy Coordinator: Deacon Bob Steighner (x234)
Youth Coordinator: Teresa Arredondo (x215)
Office Manager: Sandra Rojas Leonor (x231)
Business Manager: Bing Macavinta (x232)
Bulletin Editor/Communications: Jean McKenna (x217)
Contemporary Ensemble: Brian Carlson/Tim Kinney
Spanish Choir: Roberto Roman
Vietnamese Choir: Tien Dinh
Contemporary/Youth Ensemble: Jeff Brown

Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council consists of two representatives from each of the six Coordinating Councils, plus representatives of the Vietnamese and Spanish-Speaking communities. Ex-officio members include the Pastor, Associate Pastors, the Director of Parish Administration, and the Director of Pastoral Ministries. Acting by consensus, they discern the needs of the parish, set goals and priorities, and guide the parish in fulfilling its mission.

Co-Chairs:  Mary Lou Butler and Joseph Siegmund
Members: Patty Amato, Lupe Casilla, Maggie Felix, Angelica Gomez,  Phong Ho, Jose Huerta, Kim-Anh Luong, Jean Menton, Mary Jean Neault, Carolyn Nelipovich, Bob Rudolph, Jana Spruce, Fr. Chris Troxell,
Fr. Charles Ramirez, Joe Siegmund, Neomi Torres, Fr. Dominic Tran and Marti Willett 
Recording Secretary: Jean McKenna

 OLA Catholic School (K-8)
611 W. Bonita Ave., Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 626-7135 FAX (909) 398-1395
Office Hours: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri.
School Principal: Bernadette Boyle (x206)
Secretary: Lynn Diego (x207)
Scrip Manager (x208)